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Military Spending
and Militarism

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We recognize the social and cultural grasp of militarism on our society that leads to and nurtures military spending and the use of military means to address challenges. We are committed to working with others to expose the theft of resources necessary to build a just and sustainable society and to redirect those resources towards human and environmental betterment.


Hartung and Freeman, The Twenty-First Century of (Profitable) War

We are on a planet prepping for further war in a staggering fashion. Given the war in Ukraine, you undoubtedly won’t be surprised to learn that, in 2022, such spending in Western and Central Europe surpassed levels set as the Cold War ended in the last century

William Astore, Humanity's Worst Pastime

William J. Astore, a retired lieutenant colonel (USAF) and professor of history, is a TomDispatch regular and a senior fellow at the Eisenhower Media Network (EMN), an organization of critical veteran military and national security professionals. His personal blog is Bracing Views.

MLK’s anti-war views are more relevant than ever

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s critique of American militarism more than 50 years ago predicted the rise of US global adventurism.

Congress showers the Pentagon with cash while Americans pinch pennies

Lawmakers this week will rubber stamp a bill authorizing tens of billions more to the Defense Department that it didn’t even ask for.

'$839 Billion Military Budget Is a Policy Failure,'Say Critics as House Tees Up NDAA

"More guns and tanks are of no use to Americans without housing, education, or healthcare," said Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee.

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